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Exodus and disapearing Bookmarks

Hello all,

I’‘ve just setup the win32 version of Jive and created a few chat rooms, and users. I’'m connecting with Exodus Life is good, I see my users, they see me, my chat rooms have been created and we can join, and persistence has been enabled in the rooms.

However, when I bookmark a room, checking Join on login, I see the room for that session, but after exiting and re-opening Exodus the rooms are gone.

Any thoughts?



you should try it with more clients to be sure it’'s not a client side issue. And you should upgrade to version of Exodus. It has a lot of bugfixes and improvements.

I too am experienceing the same issue. Bookmarks are not persistent between sessions.

I am using Active Directory for LDAP. Jive Messenger 2.1.5

Exodus as well as Pandion.

Not sure where the problem lies.

Hey guys,

I’'m using Exodus and was not able to reproduce the problem. I was able to store many (non-persistent) rooms as bookmarks, restarted the server and got all my bookmarks back.

Try updating to the latest Exodus (as wroot suggested) and try again. If the problem persists let me know. FYI, you can press F12 in Exodus to open the XML traffic window and see the XML that Exodus is sending to the client for storing the bookmark. You should see a packet like this:


You can then connect to your database and check out the content of the jivePrivate table. You should see the storage element that exodus sent stored in the table.


– Gato

I’'m using Exodus Hey, you are using CVS or what?:slight_smile: Because mine is and it seems to be the latest


I’‘m not using CVS. Exodus is updating itself everytime a new version is out. And the help window says that I’‘m using It’'s strange because in this link http://www.jabberstudio.org/projects/exodus/releases/ the latest version is


– Gato

I am using an am still seeing the problem. What can I do to help try and find the problem?

and what if you try to install clean version? though…

Maybe it’‘s somehow connected with LDAP, because i’'m not using it, and shortcuts are not dissapearing. Later i will try to use Autojoin feature.

It has nothing to do with using LDAP. It is because I am an idiot and had “Enable Private Data Storage” turned off on the Jive server. Thanks so much for the help. Hopefull “afilloon” didn’'t have the same issue.

huh, havent thought about that too Though it’'s so obvious we had to check that first