Explanation for contact rosters updating?

I’‘d been mulling over the posts about the contact rosters not updating properly, when I noticed that a few of them on the list were in fact updating. It go tme to thinking how I’'m using groups & am wondering if it could be contributing to the update failure.

I have a main group, call it Main. Nobody sees this group, but everyone is a member. I then create subgroups for each department. These groups are all visible to those members in Main.

Could this type of structure be contributing to the update failures?

We have a group called “IM Access” which is a domain group on our AD domain. Users with access to Spark are members of that group, and Groups which we want those members to be in are also members of the “IM Access” group.

All those groups are shared in all user’'s rosters. We use AD (MS Active Directory) and LDAP to create users/authenticate.

We were having the same roster presence problems with 3.1.0b1 and yesterday I reinstalled 3.0.1 from scratch, the problem was fixed.

I’'ve always been reluctant to run beta versions of any software, just my preference.

When you say you reinstalled 3.0.1, what did you do? When I’‘ve done upgrades I’'ve stoppped my server, renamed the folder wildfire is in to something else, unzip the new program to a new folder, copy the XML file over and restart the server.

Is there anything different I’‘d have to do? We’'re also using MySQL here for the back end database.

Also, what kind of system do you ahve running your Wildfire server & about how many simultaneous users?

I belive its due to group management within Wildfire. Look for a different post.