Export chat history as one spreadsheet

Windows Server 2003, Open Fire 3.7.1, OpenFire embedded database, Monitoring Plug-in 1.3.0, Spark 3.6.3 IM client

Is there any way to export the complete chat history from the embedded database? Using the Monitoring Plugin, I can get individual chat sessions but have to export each individually. I would like to export all and then be able to manipulate via Open Office Calc or Microsoft Excel. If I was to find an HSDB (correct database backend for embedded?) viewer, is there any specific applications anyone care to recommend?

There is no way to export the complete chat history within the Monitoring Service plugin. Yo uwill have to find some other way, but i can’t suggest anything.

It’s HSQLDB - the embedded database. I think other (standalone) database options like MySQL provide more tools for pulling information from them.