Export / Import contact lists

Is it possible to take all of the contacts that a client has, export them and then import them into a new client install?

I tried copying the contents of C:\Documents and Settings*username*\Spark\user*username*@trhmc-im01 over top of another install and it didn’t seem to work.

What I am trying to do is create a contact list including everyone in our department (100 people or so) and export it. Then for new installs or when a new user comes onboard just automatically have everyone set up in their new install of Spark.


Why not just create a group in the admin console and add all the appropriate users and then share the group? This will give you the benefit of updating everyones contact list when new people are hired instead of them manually adding them.

If you are using LDAP create your group in LDAP then share it via Openfire. Otherwise create the group in Openfire and share it, also install the registration plugin which can be configured to auto add new users to the predefined group. Shared groups automically populate to the members rosters.

This doc will help: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1619

Awesome, worked great.


Hi bubblegoose,

It’s good to hear you found a resolution to your problem. Just to let you and anyone else who might not know, a users roster/buddy information is stored on the server, that’s why copying the files from one client to another didn’t work. One advantage of keeping roster information on the server rather than on the client is that users can sign in from a different client and/or on different computer and their roster information will always be the same.