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Extend presence-plugin / component roster?

Hi, my first post in this forum

With the current implementation of the presence-plugin it’‘s possible to see the users presence if you know an single contact on his roster. And the user doesn’'t even know that his presence is boardcasted into the Internet…

I want to extend the presence-plugin so that the users presence only will be returned, if the user has registered to the presence-service. In order to manage registrations I need to save the JIDs somewhere. What is the best way to do this?

My idea is to save this info in the components roster. If someone wants to register, I would send an Presence.Type.subscribe and the user has to accept this. The actual presence could also be read out of the roster. This would not only work with local contacts, like the current presence-plugin, it would work with every jabber-account, too.

But how I can access the components roster? Does a component has actually one? Would this be an easy way?

thanks in advance,


P.S. Sorry for bad english, maybe…

It seems that components don’'t have an roster. There is no corresponding entry in the mysql-database.

What is a good way to save a list of JIDs? Create new table in database or save it in a simple file?


I used some separate tables in database to store the information.