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Extended Contact Attributes


I am prety new with Smack, and trying to write some simple program that uses it.

Does anybody know how to request from gtalk server contact attributes such as hidden, block?

I spent few hours on trying to figure it out with no success.
Any reply will be apriciated.



I think that I made some little step by extending the IQ class:

import org.jivesoftware.smack.packet.IQ

public class ContactAttributesIQ extends IQ {
private String childElementXML = “<query xmlns=“jabber:iq:roster” xmlns:gr=“google:roster” gr:ext=“2”/>”;
public String getChildElementXML() {
return childElementXML;


So after sending this packet I recive the contact list, but the attributes I am interested in (e.g. gr:t=‘B’ gr:mc=‘82’ gr:emc=‘5’ gr:w=‘9’), such as block (t=‘B’) or hidden (t=‘H’), are missing. In fact I found that if I hide some one I don’t receive him in the list at all.

I read somewhere that the server sends the attributes correctly, but Smack takes it out. Is that true? How can I get this attributes anyway?