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ExtensionProvider for a given XML structure


I have the following packet extension:


** **

** someData**

** **

** **

** key2**

** value2**

** **

** **

** key1**

** value1**

** **

** **

** **

I am struggling to write a PacketExtensionProvider for this.

Can you help?

I think I need a EmbeddedExtensionProvider, but the documentation is not very clear on it.

I tried (as in the docu example):

ProviderManager.getInstance().addExtensionProvider(“metaInfo”, “my:namespace”, new MetaInfoProvider());

But it won’t work. It seems I have to register

ProviderManager.getInstance().addExtensionProvider(“service”, “my:namespace”, new ServiceProvider());

Should ServiceProvider be a PacketExtensionProvider or an EmbeddedExtensionProvider then?

Please help how to build the providers for the XML.