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External access to MUC room real JID:s

I’m working on an external component for openfire that communicates using whack. I am trying to get real JID:s from MUC room members via disco#info on the room@server/nick JID used by muc and getting auth error, with disco#items on the room I get only the room@server/nicks. I am wondering what would be correct approach to provide this data for my external components. I am seeing several ways to provide this data but wondering if I am just doing something wrong and there’s a more simple / elegant solution to this. I could write a plugin that informs the external components of “joins/parts” to a room or I could patch the MUC itself to allow external components to query the data.

The server is only accessed with out own client with custom authentication (handled by a plugin) so confirming to the standard is not that big of a deal, but then again I would rather keep our openfire/MUC simple updatable instead of patching them. Any suggestions for an alternative approach?

Matti Savolainen