External Component DNS SRV?

I have been using wildfire for some time with much success. We are looking at implementing clearspace and I am trying to tie in the real-time capabilities. I believe it is a wildfire configuration issue hence I am posting here.

When wildfire was setup, I added DNS SRV entires for xmpp-client.tcp.domain.com and xmpp-server.tcp.domain.com to point to the server wildfire.domain.com. In the wildfire system properties the xmpp.domain is domain.com. Therefore, while the server is wildfire.domain.com, JIDs are username@domain.com. This has worked for some time.

Now for the first time I am dealing with external components. Specifically, Clearspace wants the server name which I have configured to wildfire.domain.com and it can connect. However, JIDs in Clearspace show up as username@wildfire.domain.com and the proper presence does not show up. If I try to reconfigure Clearspace to point to just domain.com instead of wildfire.domain.com, it cannot find it.

Is there an additional DNS SRV entry that I need to add so that I can have an external component like Clearspace find and connect to domain.com? And what would it be? I can only guess that it would be something like

xmpp-???.tcp.domain.com. 0 0 5225 wildfire.domain.com.

But what should be used for ??? _xmpp-client, _xmpp-server, _xmpp-component? I don’'t want to just try a bunch of stuff for fear of breaking a working config and then having to wait for the DNS to refresh to fix what I broke.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.