External Component installed but no Service Discovery in PSI

Hello all, i’‘m new to this community and jive messenger. I’'m having trouble with a external component that my work depend maybe someone here can help me.

I’‘m working with a JAIN SLEE Resource Adaptor transport for XMPP and this component “registers” as external component with jive messenger since it appears in the web admin BUT when i register a client in the server and then do a service discovery it doesn’'t show.

I don’‘t know if it’'s relevant but in the web admin it only shows the domain, the Name, Category & Type are blank.

The component works well with jabberd on linux, that is, psi service discovery works.

Thanks in advance,

E. Martins

PS: I tried to search this forum but there couldn’'t find info for my problem, excuse me if the search was inefficient.

Oi emartins,

The reason why clients are not being able to discover the external component is that the external component doesn’'t support service discovery. So this is how JM works: When a new component is connected to the server the server will send a disco#info to the component. If the component answers the disco request then the component is added as a disco#item of the server and the discovered information is printed in the admin console.

Since your component didn’'t answer the disco#info request, clients are not getting it as a disco#item and the name, category and type are blank in the admin console.


– Gato

so why does the component show in the web admin if it can’'t be used?

Oi emartins,

The component can still be used. What you cannot do is use service discovery. But you can still send and receive packets from the component.


– Gato

ok, i’'m replying to the disco request, pls take a look at what info is exchanged and tell me why it still does NOT work (no name, category etc in webadmin and no service discovery in psi client)

  1. component -> server:

PS: i also tried to change the “to” to “lw60”, the server host and removing the .lw60 from “to” and “from”. No luck.

Oi emartins,

The packets look fine to me. Clients should be able to see the component in the disco#items answer. If you want, you can send me the component so I can debug it locally.


– Gato

i dunno why, since i didn’'t change the code, but at this moment the service discovery is working

wierd things hapenning here, i will get in touch with you later. BIG THANKS for your time