External components unresponsive, how can I troubleshoot them?

I’‘ve just recently moved my server from an FC4 box to a FreeBSD box. I’‘m not sure if this necessarily has anything to do with any of the problems I’‘m experiencing (since the JRE is still Sun’‘s JRE), but, I keep having problems where my external components completely stop responding to me. I’‘ve not yet found a pattern aside from it usually being after I’‘ve logged off (either via setting my status to offline or closing my Jabber client). When I log back in, the components don’‘t respond to any sort of presence information. I checked to see if perhaps my subscription to their presence was forgotten some how, but sending/requesting authorization doesn’'t do anything either.

At first, I thought this was only a problem with the Py* transports. But, it’‘s happening with JRS too (which uses Jive’‘s Whack library), though I’'m not sure what version of Whack. JRS is 0.3.3. In addition to it happening when I go offline, it also sometimes happens if I send an unavailable presence to the transport (usually logging off in Psi) and then trying to log in to the transport again.

Is there any way I can troubleshoot this? I see absolutely nothing related to my transports or this problem in any of Wildfire’‘s logs, not even the debugging log. While I can get debugging information for PyAIM-t, it’‘s mountains of information since I have a lot of external users as well, and it’‘s incredibly difficult to sort through. But since the problem seems to affect non-python components as well, I’‘m thinking maybe there’‘s an issue with how Wildfire is communicating with them. Any help I receive will be greatly appreciated. Oh, I’‘m running Wildfire Enterprise 3.0.1, with Sun’'s JDK version The server is running FreeBSD 6.1. Thanks!