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External Components

Hello -

I was trying to run Google’s Wave preview and had a problem. In reading all I could, I found little on Openfire external components. The way Wave works, a subdomain is created, called in the examples “wave”.

My problem is that connection attempts then generate this message in Openfire’s warnings log:

Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header. Host: wave.[hostname]

Where [hostname] is the name of the Openfire server. Is it doing a DNS lookup of wave.whatever? I hope not. I’m fairly certain I’ve setup everything per all the instructions I can find, for example these here:


But I can’t find enough info on Openfire external components, in general, to help try to understand why it doesn’t work. Could someone point me toward some documentation on external components from the Openfire end of things?



Try following the “official” documentation and see what you get. My blind guess is that the domain that you see in the main page of Openfire (in the admin console) is no the same that you have in this error message: Host: wave.[hostname].


– Gato

Hello -

The xmpp.domain property does match the message in the warnings file,

with “wave.” pre-pended. I’ve tried the host name alone, the host

name fully qualified, and localhost. The failure is the same and the

message always matches.

I did begin with the official Google instructions. The video I

included in the post is a bit more “bare-bones” is all.

I’ve worked with Openfire before and really liked it - great tool. I

used it to create my own XMPP client code.

But I don’t really understand external components, and everyone else

seems to have had no trouble running the Google server, so I thought I

would attack this problem from the Openfire end.

The only slightly unusual thing about this box (it’s debian) is that

it is pointed at a Windows server for DNS.

This isn’t an important project, I’m just wanting to play with the

code. But if you have any ideas, I’ll give them a try. Thank you

On Thu, Aug 20, 2009 at 5:16 PM,

I think I see what is going on. The message

Closing session due to incorrect hostname in stream header. Host: wave.[hostname]

is an indication that you are not connecting to the port for external components but possibly to server-to-server. Make sure that your external component is connecting to the port that you specified in the external components page and also double check that external components and server-to-server are not using the same port. You might also want to enable the debug log to see how external components are doing their handshake with the server.

– Gato

I got this trouble resolved.

I had a mis-match in the port number for external components the

entire time… It wasn’t the host name at all.


On Fri, Aug 21, 2009 at 9:13 AM,