External Components

Is it clear how external components will scale in a multi-machine setup?

In a perfect world I would like to load-balance stanzas sent to a external component service , so I could have several machines able to handle service requests and have some fault-tolerance.

Is this part of the specs? Or is it up to the writer of the external component to provide load balancing?

Hey Clive,

Unfortunately, external components are on their own. Pampero will provide a huge scalability improvement to the server but until we add support for clustering a single server will be running in the back end. Anyway, even when clustering support is added external components will have to support clustering by themselves.

In fact, external components are remote processes (written in any language) that can connect to the server. So that is basically the reason why they are out of scope. However, external components based on Jive’'s software may take advantage of the same clustering infrastructure but that is a re-usability issue.

Hope that helps.


– Gato