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External IM Gateway support


I installed openfire and connecting using spark

after understanding the basic I installed a few plugins :

Client Control

Content Filter

IM Gateway

Monitoring Service



when restarting the server this is what I’m getting after it sais where the admin consule is listening

I’m running Windows 2008 R2 , with the embeded DB.

Starting Client Control Plugin

Found old database version 9 for gateway. Upgrading to version 10…

Warning: database type unknown. You must manually upgrade your database.

gateway - Database update failed. Please manually upgrade your database.

Starting Monitoring Plugin

any help would be appriciated, I’m new to open fire and I would like it to work for me

its important to undersrtand that I try to add MSN contacts and it wont work


Ido G.

First, IM Gateway plugin is outdated. You should use Kraken instead of it. Second, what database do you use? Is it the embedded one?

He did state it was the embedded DB.

Sorry. Dont know how did i miss that

So, the first option is to try Kraken. And if that doesnt help, then maybe go with a fresh installation and install Kraken first. Maybe one of the other plugins has messed up the database, though this would be weird.

Hi Wroot and Todd,

helped a lot .

uninstalled the IM gateway plugin and installed Kraken

worked like a charm


for the quick replay

Ido G.