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External vs. Internal Gateways

In this Ignite Realtime video, Daniel Henninger explains how external and internal gateways behave in the context of the IM Gateway Plugin for Openfire.

A big Thank You to Daniel for recording this and sending it in as a community contributed podcast!

Or download the Quicktime version (Caution: 119 MB file!)

dear daniel,

thanks for your podcast and also a big thank you for the probably best openfire plugin out there!

Why thank you =) I’m glad folk are enjoying it and it seems to be doing some real “good” out there!

You say something about difficulties with nickname changes etc. Why don’t you simply add support for User Nickname (PEP)? It is already supported in the wild (at least Coccinella does), and Mats said it is not that difficult to implement.

Listen to the rest of it where I said nickname isn’t that bad, groups are the real problem.

I have been running jabberd 1.4.3 with msn-transport, yahoo-transport and aim-transport for a long time now. I’ve been incredibly unhappy with the whole system, and recently found openfire when I was looking for alternatives. I’ve been running it on my home router/firewall/server to test it, and have been using the Gateway plugin a lot. I’ve been very very impressed with how it works, and really appreciate all of the features you mentioned that depend on being an integral part of the server itself. I would be very sad to see you move to a system that would allow the gateway to run on a different box if you had to sacrifice any of that functionality. I’m planning to migrate the server running jabberd to openfire as soon as I find time to write a script to translate the jabberd xml user files to openfire xml.

Anyway, thanks for the incredible transport plugin.