Extract addtional Presence information

I have searched the forums and can’‘t quite seem to find what I’'m after.

I am trying to develop an internal in/out status board using the presence plug-in and a webpage. I’'d like to have the page setup to pull items from an employee database and then also pull the presence information from the Jive Messenger Presence Plug-in.

It would roughly look like this:

(Presence Filter?)

How can I get the information out if Jive to fill in the Away Message? I am using the HDBC database, so perhaps that is what makes this more of a pain. I would assume it would be easier if I just started using MySQL and pulled info straight out of the DB, but I don’‘t think my environment calls for that level of DB usage. The web server is on another box, so it’'s either going to be a JDBC or ODBC connection back to the box running Jive.

Any thoughts or pointers to resources would be greatly appreciated…

For the record… The Jive Messenger rocks!!!

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Hi Micheal,

You can actually get the info you’‘re looking for via the presence plugin, you’'ll just have to use the XML option. So a “query” like this:


would result in a result like this:


Which you could then parse to get to the status element.

Hope that helps,


Sometimes you look to hard to see the answer. You are 100% correct!!!

I never switched the status when I tagged the XML version, so I didn’'t really see anything special…