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Extracting groups from AD?

Ive done my searchs and everyone has a different method to doing this. so after about an hour of reading im officially confused.

I have a very large environment, serveral different sites and alot of OU’s.

What i would like: I would like when a user launches spark, that only the people in their OU gets populated to their friends list?

As an alternate, openfire is only being used for our IT dept. Can someone give me an example of what parameters i would use or how i would get when someone in IT launches spark the friends list populates with just people from IT?

Thanks in advance for the help, this is all new to me…well using a xmpp thru AD atleast, last place i worked i just created static user accounts.

if posting my config xml file would help, please let me kno.

The easiest method to achieve what you are looking for is to create the groups in AD exactly as you want them to appear in spark. Remember when you share a group it automatically shows in the roster of all members. I created all my custom groups in AD for spark rosters with the prefix Chat (i.e. ChatITteam). When share them you can give them a more user friendly name.

Thanks for the reply. Inside the admin console when i go to profile setting and eventually work myself to group mapping, what field do i input the the group that i just created and added all the user i want to?

I have group, member and description fiels and under advanced i have group filter. What would i input in what field if i used for example the group name IMIT for example.

Thanks again for the help.

I did not have to change the default settings for my config of openfire. The default settings should find all AD groups contained within your BaseDN you specified for your AD bind settings. I am sharing about 20 unique groups out to various users. You need to find them in the list of groups from the Users/Groups tab. Which is why I also named my custom groups with the prefix Chat. You couold use a filter for this prefix to limit groups that show. Also all those settings can be tweaked manually in the openfire.xml after the setup is complete to refine your results.

i’ve added people to the group in AD, when i lookup the group properties in openfire it has 0 group members…something im doing wrong?

Sync between AD and Openfire is not instant. It could tak a little while to populate the users to the group in AD. This can be forced by a restart of the openfire server. You could also try flushing the cache.

thanks for all your help, finally got it.

Your welcome. Don’t forget to close the thread and award points where warranted.