Facebook alternative

A colleague of mine is looking for a facebook alternative. He is using https://www.disciplemedia.com/ now but that is quite expensive for his 10.000 users. How could we use opefire plus tools plus a modern interface to achieve this? In our project Citizens Island, which is a personal virtual machine, we already use Pade. Thank you in advance, Roland sassen@thinsia.com

I’m not sure there’s going to be useful way to overlay social media over a messaging application. I’d look at something like Mastodon or Diaspora.

You can see a social media action,a “post”, as a message to a person or group. A social media platform is than a presentation of messages which are stored in a database.

Only a “facebook like” user interface is needed, I think, as Openfire brings everything else that is needed. What do you think?

I agree and once upon a time there was an Ignite project called Openfire-Social that did that using WordPress and BuddyPress all integrated with Openfire.

I am currently juggling too many projects and one of them is reviving the one-social-web project done by Vodafone Research. See https://www.w3.org/2005/Incubator/socialweb/XMPPAN~1.PDF

I have managed to build the Openfire plugin, but that is as far as I have got for now.

Wow that is fantastic! How can I help?

That’s amazing, the original source code of OneSocialWeb is 12 years old. The original project has some client libraries and this new plugin will bring support for XEP-0292: vCard4 Over XMPP.

This could be useful source code for [SMACK-685] - Ignite Realtime Jira and [OF-2255] - Ignite Realtime Jira