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Fastpatch webchat SSL from webserver to client

Hi all.

I have a Query regarding SSL from the tomcat server using the webchat.war application (i have seen similer questions on here but they did not answer what i want to know fully.

We have a openfire server with Fastpath service installed (the server is set to ONLY accept encypted connection) <— this bit is working fine

We then have a external webserver running tomcat witht he webchat.war installed) the conenction between both the servers works fine and is encrypted

My query is:

Is the connection between the webserver running webchat.war and the connection to the clients encrypted ?

We have a cert on the webserver but how do i know that the webapplication (webchat.war) is utalising the encrypted channel ?

[OpenfireServer] <----Encrypted link----> [WebAppServer with ssl cert] <—is this link encrypted—> [clients machine]

Hope this makes sence.


David H