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Fastpath agent not receiving messages from users


I successfully installed fastpath plugin and create a group, added users to the group and added no router rule(Assuming that if no route rules are specified, it will be assigned to default queue).

When any user tries to message the workgroup(demo@workgroup.domain_name), agent logged in to the fastpath group do not receive the message.

Could anyone help what is the issue?




By creating a group you mean a Queue? You have to add agents to a queue. Also, your agents have to use Spark client.


I had also added agents to it… but none of the agents had received the messages.


So, you have created a workgroup and added agents to the Default queue of that group. Now, when you login with one of the agents in the Spark, do you see a Fastpath tab at the bottom of the Roster window (beside the Contacts and Conferences tabs)? Go to that tab and press Login if an agent is not logged into a workgroup yet. Only this way an agent can receive a message from the queue, he must be logged into Fastpath plugin in Spark. Then a requester should send a message to that workgroup. Send a message to workgroupname@workgroup.servername address (e.g. if group’s name is “support” and server’s name is “openfire”, send a message to support@workgroup.openfire). You can add such address as a contact into a shared group (though it will show a red asterisk beside it, but it will work). Such contact will be shown online, if at least one agent is online. And if a requester sends a message to such contact he will be presented with an automated form asking for his name, email and a question. Only then his request will be forwarded to one of the free agents in this workgroup’s queue.


Same issue here, visitor can login, agent does receive the popup notification to accept or refuse. But visitor sees no chat box to type anything into, and neither does agent, even though he accepted.

Is FastPath Webchat and OpenFire 3.9.3 resolved?


I had this same issue. For me, my default room conference settings were set up in such a way that they were moderated. So, an administrator had to manually approve of the anonymous log ins. Pain in the butt.

So, if you set your default conference room settings with the box unchecked, I think that you will have better luck.


In my case, the problem was using spaces in the name. Fastpath prompts to enter a “Name:”, “Email Address:”, and “Question:” to begin the chat. The chat window does not open whenever the “Name:” has spaces. The other two fields do not have problems with spaces.