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Fastpath - Agent Order

I have several queues working with fastpath. Every queue has several agents. I need to change the order of the agents. I want to be able to choose which agent to recieve the request first. Is there any way to do that?

I have a similar issue and can’t determine any logic to how the requests are queued to the support person. Anyone have ideas?

The default agent router (fastpath\src\java\org\jivesoftware\xmpp\workgroup\spi\dispatcher\BasicAgentSel ector.java) sorts the agents based on 3 things:

total open chats

rejected the offer already

time since last chat ended

(in that order)

then it pulls the top agent and gives them the offer

If you want to change this you can create a new AgentSelector, and i believe you can configure which one to use in the config, or you can modify that one directly

and where is this file located in the distributed openfire/fastpath?

I included the path in my previous response

src\plugins\fastpath\src\java\org\jivesoftware\xmpp\workgroup\spi\dispatcher\Bas icAgentSelector.java