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Fastpath Agents Not Available After Relogin

I originally raised the issue SPARK-538 based on my earlier reported bug in this thread here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?messageID=139407&#139407

However, the bug appears to go a bit deeper than I originally reported.

Same Scenario… Agent previously logged into Spark and a Fastpath Queue is abruptly disconnected from the network from strange reason and then reconnected to the network.

Currently, prior to SPARK-538, upon network reconnection, the user/agent logs into the IM server, but not the FastPath Queue/Workgroup; (newly disconvered issue) however, currently, when the agent manually clicks on the ‘‘Login’’ button under CustomerChat, it shows him as being logged in, but he (the previously disconnected agent) can’‘t see any other online agents , no customer requests are routed to him, and I (another agent) can’'t transfer or invite him into other chats in session. When I click on Invite or Transfer, I can see him on the list as an agent logged in, but he never gets the transfer/invite request.

The solution to this problem is for the previously disconnected agent to logout out of the IM system completely and then log back in and functionality is restored.

Admittantly, I haven’‘t verified this in 2.5.0 Beta 3 (where the fix is for the previous issue), but I imagine the problem might exist in the latest beta since a simple ‘‘manual’’ reconnection currently doesn’‘t fix the issue in 2.0.8 and I didn’'t see any Support tickets open/resolved for this scenario currently.


I believe this behavior has been fixed in the latest beta. Would you verify this, and if not let us know?

I just installed the lastest beta and it does appear the behavior was fixed. Sorry bout that.