Fastpath alternatives?

We’ve had a lot of instability with Openfire + Fastpath (not necessarily blaming Fastpath, it could be a lot of things)

This has been happening for years, no matter what versions of Java, what distro of Linux, we’ve upgraded everything we can and still it needs to be restarted once a day on average. At some point the whole server just hangs.

I tried a couple years back to look for alternative solutions that can do the same thing - XMPP obviously has a lot of options but I wasn’t able to find a virtual queuing system like Fastpath. Even from a SaaS provider - I wasn’t searching the right terms, or they simply didn’t exist.

Just curious if anyone else had any other ideas? Ejabberd is another option for a server but I don’t believe it has the capability to support a queue system like FP does. That’s the unique piece that we can’t find an alternative for.


I don’t know of any specific technology to replace Fastpath, in its entirety. I, also, have seen a lot of instability. I think that a lot of it has to do with the Webchat piece - in my case I am running it within Resin (a JSP container) and I find that it is a week point of the system (it does not re-establish dropped connections). I have decided to rewrite that component (the JSPs), along with the Agent client piece in (the Fastpath Spark Client). In my case, the clients are web-based and I am using StropheJS (an XMPP/BOSH client) to communicate directly with the Fastpath server plugin over BOSH. I have also turned off clustering (Fastpath doesn’t really cluster anyhow) and that has seemed to help some. The Fastpath plugin largely follows the XMPP extension XEP-0142, which is available on the website.

Old thread I know but I can confirm there is a memory leak or something.I have cron rebooting my server every 2 days or I lose the server to server connections to our overseas servers and some local people can’t login anymore until a reboot.

Even just restarting the services doesn’t fix it.