Fastpath approvals not sent to clients

My “anonymous” web users are not having their chats opened after being approved by my ‘online agents’. The web user enters the queue, the agent approves the request, and the web user never leaves the queue and the chat never starts.

I’m using the new opensource version/release of FastPath. I have anonymous logins enabled in my settings.

Any clues/ideas why this may not be working?

Thank you, and I apologize in advance if this has been answered elsewhere, I searched google and the forums without success. (1118 Bytes)
plugin.xml (399 Bytes)
myplugin.jar (1363 Bytes)

does the problem exist internal to your network as well as external. For instance I too have this problem and even with spark on the server and loding the page local to the server it does not work. My testbed server on the other hand functions with no errors.

My server is exposed on the internet, web users are coming over the internet, and my Spark client is connecting over the internet. We have no LAN. The server is running Linux, has no desktop, and I have no intention of running Spark on it.

I managed to fix this – I might’ve had the agent logged in twice through another xmpp client (with another resource)

I suspect that Fastpath doesn’t route based on resource?