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Fastpath button via HTTPS slow on Firefox with TLS enabled

We have recently deployed fastpath on our web site and it is working well, for the most part. We are having a delay when initially displaying the fastpath chat button in firefox when TLS 1.0 support enabled (in firefox’s preferences).

When you first load the page with the javascript that loads the fastpath button, there is a LONG delay before all of the page contents are displayed. After the button shows up, any further times in the session the button is displayed there is no lag. Also, if you have a new session, but you edit your preferences and disable TLS, the page loads normally. This behaves the same in Firefox on Linux or Windows.

We have 2 certs on our openfire server, one that is signed by a CA for servername.com, and then the self-signed *.servername.com.

I have tried to set the Openfire Security settings to “custom: Old SSL method available and TLS Method not availalbe”. This seems to solve the problem from the web-side, but then users of Pidgin who are connecting w/ SSL/TLS settings enabled are not able to connect until they disable the security settings on that client, and all the Spark sessions are starting without encryption.

Ideally, I want to be able to use everything over SSL/TLS and not have the delay when initially loading in Firefox. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to achieve that?