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Fastpath chats can't be deleted

When browsing the previous chats, the “delete” option is not working. It displays "

Conversation has been removed.", but the chat is still here.

I’m having this exact same problem.

Using MySQL 5


This issue is currently logged as a bug. You can view/track it here - http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/ENT-107



I find it ridiculous that this bug was reported in October and hasn’t been fixed. We’re paying for this software and expect it to WORK. How are we supposed to generate accurate statistics from this package if we can’t even delete test sessions?

Branden Timm <- soon to be taking his company’s money elsewhere

Howdy! Thanks for pointing out ENT-107! The previous lead developer of Spark and Fastpath moved on to other things, and around the end of October I came on and took over as lead developer of Spark. I haven’t yet caught up with all of the issues out there for Spark and Fastpath. It does look like a quick and easy fix though, and I’ve assigned it for 3.4.3 and to myself, so look for it to be fixed in 3.4.3! Sorry for the delays! Much as I hate to say it, it does help to be pinged periodically if an issue falls through the cracks. That one didn’t have any votes and didn’t “appear” to be asked about, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we considered it a low priority. Doesn’t matter though! I’ll get it fixed. =)