Fastpath: form hidden variables (location)

I have searched and reading all material about form variables, but I can’t working with them.

I want to get the “location” hidden variable come from webchat, because I have put at three domains the same webchat reference, but I want to discriminate from what domain come the chat request, and then process with a rule to a queue.

I have tried to adding new “Request Parameter” with “Form Variables” section to:

HTTP Type: Request Parameter

Name: location

Assign New Name: site

Then I have saved and adding the rule with query syntax like:



Route To Queue: queue-name

But routing not work.

So I was tried to adding manually a hidden variable to userinfo.jsp like:

and adding the rule, but again without success, so I can’t get these values from hidden variables.

Are there a way to debug the code (for newbies like me), or I am doing wrong something?

I have Openfire 3.6.0a

Fastpath 4.1.0

Webchat 4.0.0 (under Tomcat)

Thank you for your help

Added the rule:


at Query Builder resolve the issue. I have not set any variable from Form Variables menu.