Fastpath help needed

I have got Fastpath setup but the Icons in the Tools tab do not show up. What do I need to do to get a link/icon for it ready to publish to the web. I am not a dev/prog so go easy on me. The only time I have to work on this is in my spare time. I am in the process of swapping to a new openfire server and I am wanting to get all the bugs worked out before I do the swapover.

When you configured fastpath webchat dith the server name match the server name of your openfire server which in turn should match the xmpp.domain name of the server. All three names should match.

I did But I am deleting the Plugins and re-installing them now. Re-installing didnt work which file do i set to false to redo the setup.

openfire.xml is the config file you need to alter. You need to use Fully Qualified Domain Names for the server name (i.e.

So would changing the server names to “” and “” do the trick?

Where can I reset the serve name Re-running setup now

I am having problems now getting it to take the host name for fastpasth. it is wanting the old hostname which is the PC name.

You need to name the openfire server the same as its fully qualified domain name. Again this would be something like This the name as found in your DNS server for this machine. The openfire server certificates must match this name. So does the name you configure into fastpath. You do not need to name it something special for fastpath.

Although you probably shouldn’t need to, try restarting the service that’s hosting the FastPath chat webapp (e.g. if it’s hosted with Tomcat, stop/start Tomcat).

I am little hesitant about changing the name due to AD and all the Filters and Policy’s that are set up. Todd check your inbox I want to ask a couple questions and dont want the info public.