Fastpath images path broken?

I’ve noticed this for some time now… the images for the up/down and edit/delete do not show up under Workgroup Settings > Form UI in Fastpath. Anyone having or not having this same problem?

This was already reported and filed JM-1354 . No fix so far.

Thanks… I hope it gets some priority… it’s not a showstopper, but it’s ridiculously obvious.

Still broken in 4.0. Why is this such a low priority? Quite a few of the images DO NOT WORK.

Some of the the images in Fastpath Webchat are also broken.

Temp fix until the issue is properly resolved:

Go in the plugins/fastpath/web/images folder and grab the following images:






Create a plugins/fastpath/web/forms/images folder and copy these images into it. This will put the images in the path that Fastpath is looking for.

All that really needs to be done to fix this is to remove the /forms/ out of the image path for the “Form UI” settings for workgroups.

Danny Messano