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Fastpath integration with mobile app


I have openfire configured and it’s working fine for desktop chat using my custom application and Spark. I am trying to explore the options if we can use any existing mobile app to get the agent chat notifications directly on mobile so that we can use mobile to respond the chat.

I have tried many android XMPP chat apps but I was not able to connect with any of them. At last I installed IM+ on my adnriod device and atleast I was able to connect to my openfire server using my IM+ app on my android device. In openfire we are using FastPath for routing.

Now my problem is - when I logged in from mobile I can see the user in my open fire user and sessions list as ONLINE. But the same user is not showing in the FastPath/Workgroup as ONLINE.


Is there anyway that if the user is online then he should be online in workgroup as well. In Spark client its working fine but in IM+ its not working. I am trying to find out if I can use IM+ for my agent chat. Please help. If you know any other mobile app which support fastpath then please share. I would really appreciate this. For reference I have attached the screenshot of openfire’s users and fastpath page.



To login into Fastpath queue you have to use Fastpath client, which only Spark has built-in. That’s why it doesn’t join the queue when you login from a mobile application or any other client other than Spark.

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Thanks wroot.

Is there anyway that I can enhance the openfire code to make this happen. What I am thinking if somehow I am able to login to fastpath queue via mobile then I would be able to chat from mobile applications.

Is there any other way out? My requirement is to chat from mobile. Is there a way other than creating an app? Any help you would be highly appreciated.


I don’t know, i’m not a developer. All i know that Fastpath has two parts. One of them is a Fastpath agent plugin inside of Spark and then a server part. Don’t know if this can be completely server side. It should be possible, but then you will be rewriting all the code i think. Then maybe you should look for some other solution.

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Thanks wroot.

Is there any developer who can help me understanding where route should I need to follow. My requirement is to use fastpath in mobile app as my current openfire application is using fastpath for routing. Can anybody give me some pointers on how to achieve this?

If I go with creating my own mobile app then it would take more resources. I am exploring if this is possible with some existings third party apps or with minor coding on the openfire side.

Thanks in advance - I would really appreciate your help.

I think you won’t get many answers here. Fastpath is used by small numbers and nobody is working on it (developing) for many years. Also, because of its non-existing popularity i doubt you will find existing mobile apps for it.

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Thanks wroot again. I really appreciate it.

If people are not using the Fastpath for routing then is there any other way which they are using for workgroups? I am just trying to understand if we have selected the right services like fastpath?


Does any body have idea on how to achieve it? Did I open the question in the correct group?


It doesn’t matter in which group you open this question. All new content is shown on a start page. As i said, you would most probably do not get any answer here. Not many Fastpath users, especially using some sort of support system for mobile, i think.