Fastpath Mobile

Are there any current updates for Fastpath to auto resize for mobile devices such as blackberry/andriod/iPhone?

Fastpath is not in development for a long time. I haven’t heard about mobile version of it. What exactly do you mean? Fastpath Webchat?

The webpage side allowing admin to grant users access to the webpage for chat like a help chat. When the user clicks a link for online help in IE or Mozilla or Safari. I was wondering if there was any updates to that page that will allow it to be viewed on mobile devices easier. Currently it will work on a mobile device, however it is a pain to use because it causes the page to be displayed extremely small and zooms on the textbox and whatnot, not allowing users to use it on a mobile device easily. If I could edit the code, I would love to release an update like this to the community, however I have absolutly NO IDEA where to start! I hope that all makes sence lol!

Forgot to add in something

So it is a webchat part. I have no idea either where and what should be changed to make it compatible with mobile clients. And there are no developers to ask.

Seems like my luck as of late! lol, thanks wr00t! If i can figure it out, i’ll post here and send it out to the group!

To develop the front-end of webchat, all you need is a knowledge of JSP and Javascript (HTML couldn’t hurt). You’d need to know Java if you were changing the backend as well. I’m making extensive modifications to webchat for a commercial venture, and we may eventually be interested in a mobile version.

Could you make a detailed list of your desired changes and I’ll post some code when I get spare time? It sounds like mostly javascript tweaks and changes to HTML, which I’d be glad to help with.

The main chat window is chatmain.jsp (imagine that ), which will hopefully point you in the right direction. If you don’t have webchat already for some reason, here is a link to the source: (but you won’t need that if you’re just changing JSP pages).


What I am mainly looking for is for the webchat to “auto resize” to the screen. Example, get the screen size and auto resize the chat window to fit properly so the client does not have to scroll the page to chat. Other than that, everything else seems pretty straight foward

Here are the changes I’d suggest to make webchat more mobile friendly. They are simple edits to jsp pages, and don’t require any compiling. This is a simple approach that assumes you have 2 different webchats setup, one for desktop users, and one for mobile users. It would be possible to make webchat check for a URL variable or similar, but this would be more complicated, and would require many more edits.


The main issue for mobile users is zooming. Their mobile browsers zoom into the page when they click the text entry field and it makes it hard to type and read at the same time. The main change to fix this is setting focus back to the text box after submitting a message. To prevent this, comment-out line 117 (so it looks like //chatbox.focus():wink:

Other changes:

shorten the text entry box:

line 292 change height:50px to height:20px

shrink send button: (the default send button is 4:3 and will look terrible at this size, so make a new one)

line 295 add at end: height=“20”

Now after the user clicks the text box, the browser will zoom in on it, but the user can simply zoom back out, and since the text box never triggers the “gotFocus()” event, the browser will stop auto-zooming.

This may not be 100% what you’ve asked for, but it’s at least a step in the right direction.

deleted a suggestion since it was wrong.

Add this to your Tomcat6 userinfo.jsp and chatmain.jsp

you dont have to use the fastpath webchat. any xmpp web client will work. just point it at