Fastpath not working on Mac OS X

odd… this doesn’t work for me either, but the one built on my local system is working. maybe I missed something with my PR. I’ll look over things asap.

I think i found the issue. kind of a stupid mistake and oversight on my end! I’ll be sending up a new pr shortly

Another try /spark_2_7_5_399.dmg

I think we have a winner now! Thanks wroot!

Not until Umair confirms it

ok thanks il wait for tht :slight_smile:

Don’t wait, the new build is already ready /spark_2_7_5_399.dmg

Ok great Thanks i will test it today

it’s working Good guys Thank You So Much for the Help :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing This fix will be included in the upcoming 2.7.6 version.

Hey Umair. Can you please test this newer build? Is it working fine for you (Fastpath and else)? /spark_2_7_5_408.dmg


yeh i just tested it and it’s working absolutely fine

Thanks From now on Mac installer is bundled with Java, so you don’t have to install it on your Mac.