Fastpath offering more simultaneous chats then settings says


We are using the fastpath plugin in our company and it works well, but there must be some bug.

When we set that a workgroup member can receice a maximum om 2 chats at a time, current chats can still go up to 3 chats at the same time.

If we set maximum chats to 1 users sometimes still receive 2 chats at the same time.

Any Idea what to do with this? One would think that the easy solution if we want 2 chats at a time would be to set it to 1, but that is not the case.

When set to 1, most of the time users only get 1 at a time, but sometimes 2. When set to 2 maximum, users most of the time get 2 chats, but sometimes 3.

Is this a bug or can it be solved?

No one has any answer to this? Is there any support to contact about fastpath issues?