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Fastpath Overflow

I have Fatpath Webchat installed on an OpenFire 3.6.3 installation with 2 queues. “Support” and “Support Overflow”. At the workgroup level, I have it configured to route all requests to the Support queue. Within the Support queue, I have it set to overflow requests to the Support Overflow queue.

I am receiving reports from our support folks that when a user initiates a chat request, the personnel in the overflow queue are receiving the request ahead of the personnel in the support queue. I have confirmed the support personnel are logged in and have an available status. I enabled debug logging, which did show the request being directed to an overflow person rather than a support person, but didn’t really give any clues about why.

Anyone have any thoughts or experience similar issues?

Can someone confirm how the overflow functionality should work in case I am just misunderstanding what should happen?



I am experiencing the same issue. Queue 1 set to overflow to Queue 2. People in Queue 2 are often the first to be requested, even when there are agents in Queue 1 available. Any solution to this or should I file a bug report?

I wonder if this isn’t an overflow problem but rather a login issue. I’ve been playing with fastpath with a single user in a queue. Sometimes, when I end a session with a web client, the spark client remains logged in to the workgroup, but the server says that no agents are available and in order to get the server to recognize that the client is available to accept chats, I have to logout of the workgroup and back in.

I never did find a solution.

I never found a solution to this problem. We ultimately stopped using the functionality all together.

The Overflow functionality or the Fastpath webchat function?

Did you file a bug report?


did you made any filter for frowarding your request to the right queue ?

if not take a look at the picture.

Filter are apache lucene synthax.

Sincerly Yours

ps : I’ve implemanted an SMS handler in openfire if interested i may put the project online : it’s simple handling MO (Mobile Originated SMS ) from the SMS gateway and Sending the SMS MT using the org.jivesoftware.webchat.

Found the solution to my problem. Turns out my routing rule syntax was incorrect. So it was not being routed to the first queue.

Dave, could you expound on the incorrect routing rule syntax you found? I’m banging my head against the wall with this exact same problem.



In my case, I had “question=oes”, changed to “question:oes”

Hey Guys,

I have been able to create routing rules, but haven’t been able to find overflow rules. I’m using openfire 3.6.4 and am using fastpath and webchat.

any help that you could give would be awesome