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Fastpath plugin for Non-Spark jabber client

We are testing Fastpath for deployment on our website.

My only concern is the requirement to use Spark as the jabber client for the agents.

Most of our agents use spark, but there are a few machines that refuse to work. We

are using Pidgin (Gaim) and Trillian on these machines (depending on OS).

Is anyone able to advise on Fastpath functionality outside of Spark?

ie: Is there a plugin for Pigdin or Trillian that will allow agents to join the workgroup and accept click-to-chats?

Any comments appreciated.



At this time, there is no other client that would support this. I’m curious though why Spark refuses to work on a couple machines. Let’s try and solve that issue.

C heers,


Unfortunately, the machines in question run a fairly hacked up and customized JRE for a specialized internet banking product (which hopefully we are going to do away with soon). I have tried various methods of installing spark, each time with the same results. As soon as you try interact with spark, clicking or typing in the login window, it thows an exception which points to an encryption library not present. I’m not too concerned with resolving the problem as pidgin is working out fine for now.

Have you tried the offline installer with it’s own custom JRE? The application will look for that initially without even looking at the system JRE.

Yip, tried both the .msi and the .exe package in both offline and online.

Actually the most success we’ve had so far is with the latest 2.5.5, the offline msi package installs and runs, but crashes as soon as someone sends you a message.

Again though, I’m not too fussed about troubleshooting the problem. Within the near future, we’ll be rid of the banking app as they have switched to a more standard secure website that doesn’t need anything special. As soon as we do this, we can reinstall the troubled machines.

Thanks for the help ad followups though.


Did you find any solution for using fastpath with non Spark IM’s?

About 1 year after I was wondering exactly the same.

How can I use a different xmpp client and get fastpath functionality? Is even possible?

Any alternative to Spark IM client for agents?

The candy web xmpp client in Jitsi Videobridge plugin does support fastpath agents with additional audio/video features, but is not as feature rich as Spark. No canned responses for example and NO documentation. You would need to do some work to get and build latest version of the plugin and openfire to make it work.