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Fastpath problem

We finally got an Enterprise version working with an evaluation license on our MySQL UTF-8 database thanks to a fix - all tables are now created (as far as we can see).

We are working with Fastpath and can successfully create workgroups and queues. But the status of the workgroup is always “Waiting for member”. Authentication works fine against Active Directory (AD) with LDAP. Anonymous binds to AD are not allowed, anonymous logins to Openfire are allowed. Creation of chat rooms is also free for all users. We have defined users and/or groups for the workgroups as agents.

From what we understand the Spar client (tested with 2.5.7 and 2.5.8B1) should somehow connect now to those workgroups, but we cannot see anything. Going to the /webchat link we get “No workgroups configured. Please configure a workgroup within Fastpath.”.

In addition we cannot delete any workgroups - it ask “do you want to delete” and then the screen blanks out. Refresh shows all workgroups again.

We think it might be due to the trouble we had with UTF-8 and the enterprise plugin, but we are not sure.

Thanks in advance for any push in the right direction Patrician

I am having the same problem.

The server I am connecting to is:


the server domain is:


the chat-settings.xml has the server domain correctly.

test-connection.jsp reports connected

the debug logs on chat.company.com report:

2007.10.11 12:38:46 OS - Trying to connect to workgroup.chat.compnay.com:5269(DNS lookup: workgroup.chat.company.com:5269)

2007.10.11 12:38:46 OS - Trying to connect to chat.company.com:5269(DNS lookup: chat.company.com:5269)

2007.10.11 12:38:46 OS - Plain connection to chat.company.com:5269 successful

2007.10.11 12:38:46 Connect Socket[http://addr=/,port=46132,localport=5269|http://addr=/,port=461 32,localport=5269]

2007.10.11 12:38:46 OS - Error, <starttls> was not received

2007.10.11 12:38:46 Connection closed before session established

Socket[http://addr=/,port=46132,localport=5269|http://addr=/,port=461 32,localport=5269]

we are using SRV records and S2S connections work.

We finally got it working, but it was not easy and we are not even sure what caused the problem. After we got informed about several bugs because of the UTF-8 database with the Enterprise plugin, we did the following:

  • deleted all commercial plugins (sparkweb, fastpath, enterprise)

  • delete all ent* and fp* tables from the database

  • deleted the enterprise key from the table jiveVersion

  • stopped openfire

  • deleted the enterprise directory

  • started openfire

  • enabled “Anoymous Login”

  • deleted all group chat administrators

  • installed Enterprise plugin - failed of course due to the UTF-8

  • deleted again all ent* tables and the enterprise key (as above)

  • run the enterprise_mysql.sql script manually after we changed two settings to avoid the UTF-8 bug

  • created workgroup

  • installed Fastpath plugin and

finally it worked as there would have never been a problem. There are still problems with fastpath and authentication and requiring encryption for the clients and Sparkweb, but those seem to be known problems to be fixed in 3.4.0. Of course byt hen our evaluation time is over…:frowning:

We are pretty impressed by the features now, but the documentation seems pretty weak for the commercial plugins. Big thanks to this community, without them we’d never been able to work that one out!!!

Cheers Patrician

it should also be noted that the fastpath plugin isn’t loaded into spark until the person loggs off and back in. So, if you create a new workgroup (like sales), add a bunch of people and then sit there, it will just keep saying that it’s waiting for agents.

Restarting the server won’t do it either, you have to log out and back in again.