Fastpath Queue Issues


I’m experiencing issues with requests flow in Fastpath. Basically, if there is only 1 agent present in the workgroup queue and there is no overflow on that queue, Fastpath doesnt allow you to reject the incoming request until the request timesout.

So for ex if:

a) Request Timeout: (sec) * ie the total time before an individual request will timeout if no agents accept it : 20 secs

b) Offer Timeout: (sec) * The time each agent has to accept an incoming chat request: 10 sec

So, the incoming request would be sent to the user twice (20/10 =2) and each time user would have 10 secs to either accept or reject the call. If the user wants to reject the call, he cant do that until full 20 seconds have passed and the request has timed out.

Any suggestions?


If the agent is unable to handle any further chats and no one else is available in the queue then they need to go unavailable or DND or phone so the workgroup can close and a support email or a redirect can occur for the customer.

They can reject it after they go unavailable and it will either (haven’t tested but these are likely) A. Go to the timeout unavailable screen or B. Unable to route your request screen.

Thanks for the prompt response.

So, essentially what you are suggesting is that the user cannot reject a call without going offline or he has to wait for the request to time out??

Pretty much it will attempt whoever is in the queue after a rejection even if it is the same person over and over. However if that one person goes unavailable there is no valid agent to attempt an offer too.