Fastpath Replacement


I was looking at especially the “jappixmini” stuff and somewhat have it working with Fastpath.

The way it work a user goes to the website and click on the chat button at the bottom, the user then see the Support user and if they ask something the support user says

Welcome to the workgroup ‘’.

Would you like to join the chat, yes or no?

User enters yes

then it will ask the other question

Once all the questions are answered then fastpath will popup on agent machine running spark, and accepts the connection.

Then what happens the server creates a chat room for that user ( You can see what room it is under openfire sessions).

The jappixmini dosent know how to accept that request so within the jappix mini client you can enter the random chat channel.

You enter the chat channel and it works.

I know people are looking for other methods other then using fastpathweb client, so i share my progress.

Here is the script i have on a test website, it proxy through jappix but you can also run your jappix server if you wish =)


I got this working with Jappix on my server. Is there a way to prevent anonymous users from seeing each others messages? Thanks.