FastPath Servlet and IIS

I am evaluating FastPath for use in my organization. Our corporate webserver is IIS 6 on Win2K3. We have many services on this machine, including SharePoint, Microsoft CRM etc. The WF server is on a serperate server (Win2K3).

My question is how can I impliment the WebChat client on my external IIS server without interfering with my existing IIS and other applications? I know i need something to handle the JSP pages, but what is the best solution these days, without interfering with my existing setup? Any advise is much appreciated.

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the Spark FastPath Webchat is as far as I know a plugin for Wildfire which you can not use as a standalone Webchat application. As the client is just a browser, usually Internet Explorer for Windows users I wonder what you want integrate and how.

I could imagine that you use an IIS portlet to integrate the Wildfire pages in the content delivered be IIS. Or an IFRAME in the web page may also be fine.


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I dont think I was as clear as I needed to be above. I am trying to figure out how to put the “LiveHelp” link on websites that are not hosted on the same server as my Wildfire server, but on a seperate IIS server. In other words, how do I HOST the WebChat client servlet on an IIS server that is not my Wildfire server?

I’'m also after the same sort of information…

From what i have dug up, you need an application server such as TomCat or Resin to use as a plug-in on IIS…

I’'m yet to have time to investigate this properly & actually implement it… But it should be a point in the right direction.

If you do get this working, please let me know!