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Fastpath Setup Help

So, I recently added the Fastpath plugin to our Openfire server. I have gone through the setup and added a Workgroup and everything. The Status is showing, “Waiting for member”, so I assume it is running. However, I cannot figure out how to join the room. It is not showing in the Group Chats, or anywhere that I can find.
I checked the Readme for the plugin, and clicked the link to the Quick Start Guide, and that just gets a 404 Error. Anyone have this Quick Start Guide? Am I missing something? Is there an alternative to Fastpath with better documentation?

Any help would be great.

Hey Brandon,

FastPath sadly is starting to show its age. I’m sorry you have to go through that. You will find some documentation here: https://github.com/igniterealtime/openfire-fastpath-plugin - Some of the older documentation is found here: Fastpath Quick Start Guides (Legacy)

From your description, it seems that you’re pretty much set up. Fastpath uses two different types of users: agents (people manning a service desk), and regular users (those seeking assistance). Each should use a different client, that supports the FastPath features that they are going to use.

Make at least one Agent log in using Spark. After an Agent logs in, the workgroup queue is ‘opened’ - meaning that it can serve users.

Regular users use a (very lightweight) web client. I believe that a demo client ships with the FastPath plugin, and can be access through http://yourserver:7070/webchat/. After an Agent is online, people should be able to use that client to contact those agents.

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I was unable to get this working. There doesn’t appear to be a built in web client that I could figure out how to access. I have removed the plugin and find another solution. I just really wanted the Queueing abilities this offers.

Thanks for the links you sent. They were helpful. The Readme for this plugin should be updated with those links to help the next person that tries to deploy this.

Hi, Have you already tried Pade instead of using the old webchat client? It seems to have built-in support for Fastpath. According to this post you need to install the unreleased version 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT of Fastpath.

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I have never been able to get Pade or OfMeet to run. I install them, go through the options and try to connect. Login and then get a message that Something went wrong and it then starts trying login again over and over again.
I did try again using the 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT, that you suggested, though Pade still just refuses to work.
For now I will just create a regular Conference Room and use that. I just wanted the Queueing ability.