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Fastpath/Spark not working properly on Mac High Sierra

Hello, we still face the problem that for MAC users Spark version 2.8.3 is not working properly.

No customer chat handling (incoming chats ) etc. possible although Fastpath button is visible
Spark client freezes several times during the day.
If I’m not at my desk and Spark status changes from “Online” to “Away due to idle” it is not possible to manually change the status back to online it also doesn’t switch back automatically if I’m back on my Mac.
The status is not adjustable

Could you please check?

Mac Book Pro Early 2015 - High Sierra
Openfire Server Version 3.8.2
Spark Version 2.8.3
Fastpath 4.2.1

Thanks, DR

We don’t have Mac machines for testing here. Not to mention Spark doesn’t have active developers. @speedy used to have virtual machine with macos, though not sure which version. Maybe he can try fastpath and other issues. But he might be busy with his real work. We are all volunteers here.

I believe my virtual mac is running high sierra now, but I don’t have fastpath configured. I’m happy to test the idle issue though! also, I noticed you’re running Openfire 3.8.2. You may want to look at upgrading! There have been many great improvements made since then!


I cannot manually change my status on my Spark on my Mac
I am running MacOS Mojave 10.14.2
Any ideas on how to get the drop down box??