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Fastpath - Spark users using the UI to make chat requests

I’m trying out Fastpath on our server and when I was reading the quickstart guide I found a segment that states “Users use the web-based Webchat client to request chat sessions with agents. OR they can make chat requests using the Spark instant messanger client” since my company wouldn’t use the webchat client I was trying to find out how you do make chat requests with the Spark client and unless I’m overlooking something I do not see how to do it. If im logged in as an agent on the Spark UI I see the Fastpath tab that handles the queues and all but I don’t see anything like that when im logged in as just a user.

To make a request through XMPP to a workgroup you simply send a message to that workgroup and it starts a chatbot which walks you through the form questions.

So for example,

If I wanted to make a request to the demo workgroup I would start a chat with demo@workgroup.domain.com

Say like hi or something just to initiate it, then it asks for your information and your question then pops you into the queue.

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You can also add demo@workgroup.domain.com type of contact to a shared group, so it would be easier for users to start a chat. It will show error in the Admin Console and i think this “contact” will stay online all the time.

Hi wroot,

Hope you are doing well.

I have added a Fastpath workgroup called “support@workgroup.localhost” and have logged in as an agent with the Spark instant messanger client. Now when I am trying to initiate a chat request though a mobile device, nothing pops up on my Spark client. Can you tell me what may be the reason? On the other hand, if I use the Webchat client and try to perform the above process, then everything occurs well.

Can chat sessions be initiated between a mobile phone and a Spark client at all?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have just tried to initiate a chat from Yaxim and Xabber (Android clients) and both were able to do this and i got the fastpath queue popup on my Spark client logged into Fastpath workgroup. Though Yaxim wasn’t able to accept invitation (probably doesn’t support that yet). With Xabber i was able to accept the invitation and join the chat. Though you have to go to the roster, scroll to conferences and join it there.