Fastpath (Tutorials, Tips)

After being a part of JiveSoftware commercial Enterprise plugin Fastpath Service and Fastpath Webchat have been released as Open Source projects. JiveSoftware is not actively working on it. Bug reports and feature requests probably won’t get a fast response. But all community developers are welcome to cotribute their patches and add new features to these projects. In this document we want to gather any useful information provided by the community about Fastpath service, including tutorials, custom configurations, and also a list of filed bugs and feature requests.

**Openfire 3.7.0 Beta doesn’t support Fastpath completely yet. Fastpath page is not showing up in the Admin Console.

by @Todd Getz

**Fastpath Quick Start Guide **

Fastpath Quick Start Guide - LDAP Users

Fastpath Quick Start Guide - Local Users

by @slicer321

Fastpath Timeout & ProxyPass

If you are using Fastpath, with Apache (v. Apache22) proxypass to make Live Chat available via port 80 (or 443/SSL), you may need to set proxy-nokeepalive, no-cache, and downgrade. Otherwise the requests will not be sent and your customers will be left waiting on the timer screen forever.

Hope that helps


<VirtualHost *:443>

ProxyPreserveHost On

ProxyPass /

ProxyPassReverse /

SetEnv downgrade-1.0 1

SetEnv proxy-nokeepalive 1

SetEnv no-cache 1

Fastpath WebChat Src Updates: Separates Host & XMPP Domain Settings

by @calebtr

quick and dirty FastPath workgroup presence API

Known Bugs:

OF-378 Fastpath Service is not showing up in Admin Console

ENT-113 Group chat disabled interfere with Fastpath

ENT-40 Fastpath and Enterprise show different current chat counts

ENT-132 If a group is part of a fastpath queue any user who has admin rights won’t be able to connect to fastpath.

ENT-286 Fastpath agent that is also Group Chat Admin accepts fastpath request but client is booted

ENT-72 New version of Workgroup API is now backwards compatible with Fastpath server versions.

ENT-91 Fastpath client sees “Monitor has left the room” message–this should be invisible

ENT-312 Fastpath webchat offline opens popup even when set to redirect

OF-266 Fastpath Form UI page in Admin Console doesnt show images

ENT-313 No way to disable webchat fastpath email transcript functionality at end of chat session

ENT-104 Fastpath transfer to another agent can add wrong agent

ENT-128 Spark Fastpath tab “Last Queue Activity” date is in the future.

ENT-249 closing the Fastpath using the X mark or killing the instance there is no message sent to the spark client on the other side

ENT-238 Fastpath: User logs out of workgroup, and is also shown to be logged out of spark (though still online)

ENT-142 In Fastpath, if you reject a message and then set your status to away, the client is routed forever instead of being prompted for email

ENT-64 Wildfire Enterprise 3.2 and Fastpath Web Chat 3.2 should not be available as upgradable plugins if running WF 3.1.1

ENT-140 Webclient should do auto-reconnect if the XMPPConnection is lost.

ENT-272 Changing the agent timeout setting has no effect.

ENT-117 Fastapth Routing to empty causes webchat to hanging on “routing your request” page

ENT-111 Query Builder Router Rule does not work

ENT-416 Mispelling in fastpath : “inconvience”

SPARK-1087 Fastpath chat window is not grayed out after the transfer to another agent

Improvement or Feature Requests:

OF-50 FastPath support when webserver != xmpp.domain

ENT-76 Allow option to notify all agents simultaneusly of incoming request.

ENT-87 Flash browser window when agent send text if unselected

ENT-428 add ability to tie chat transcript subject to fastpath question

ENT-77 Added preference to have incoming fastpath requests to come in via popup.

ENT-108 Authenticated Fastpath Web account

OF-136 Add automatic conversion of old fastpath setup to new fastpath setup on startup

ENT-429 Log Fastpath chat request rejections to the DB.

ENT-42 Add a new SASL mechanism for Fastpath so that anonymous logins are not required

SPARK-1094 Add an option to select what Fastpath workgroup to login automatically

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Some customization work is also done, rolled into a How To doc, “Fastpath WebChat Src Updates: Separates Host & XMPP Domain Settings”. Using this update relaxes the restriction on hostname requirement matching XMPP jabber domain name.

Are there any community developers working on openfire, fastpath, or webchat?

There are developers working on Openfire. I don’t know of anyone working on fastpath. Webchat? Doy ou mean chat which is on this site in the Support section? It wasn’t ever open sourced, so nobody can work on it.

Very handy information above, helped me get stuff working

Well I am in the process of replacing our companies legacy helpdesk now that we are reorganized and We’ve pretty much set on FastPath. So I will be doing full time development for it as my job for awhile, and I’ll be contributing what I can. Of course we are a MS Shop and I’m picking up java to start fiddling with the source.

One thing I will have relatively soon is a workgroup owner admin interface where the team owner/lead can add remove agents from different queues and also adjust min/max chats and what not. All logon credentials based on dbo.ofGroups, i’m pretty excited. It will however be a .net 4 web panel. But we’ll see if I can learn jsp for future stuff.

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Great to hear Fastpath needs more “love” from developers As about that .net web panel, well, nobody says that everything contributed here should be in java. We already have some tools contributed written in different languages. You can always contribute your stuff in the Community Plugins space

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Can we use downgrade, proxy-nokeepalive, & no-cache if we are using FastPath via http-bind over port 7070?