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Fastpath User presence in SparkWeb

Hi All,

We are trying to customize the Sparkweb for our requirement. In this we would like to bring the FastPath plugin features like live support to the users. Is there any code sample readilly availble for SparkWeb and FastPath integration. If not we would like to know how to get the user presence status in Sparkwep so that we will write our own code for this.

Kind Regards


I don’t think there is a sample for such integration. SparkWeb is almost dead (one person stated he will take the project lead, but no news so far) and Fastpath is not developed either. As about presesence, you will probably need to investigate SparkWeb source and find it yourself. There is no person to answer such question (except fot that one person i mentioned before, but i don’t see him often here).

Yep, that person is me

I am planning to start work on SparkWeb (both HTML & Flash) versions as from November depending on how much free time I have when I get back from vacation this month.

There is some code in the red5 plugin version of Sparkweb for Fastpath.It does NOT have all the features of Spark, but can be used to login as an agent an handle chat requests from a workgroup.

For more information, see http://community.igniterealtime.org/blogs/ignite/2008/11/23/fastpath-added-to-sp arkweb-with-red5-video-and-desktop-sharing

For the flex source code, download the red5 plugin from http://code.google.com/p/redfire/downloads/detail?name=red5.war&can=2&q=


Hi Dele,

Thanks for your quick response. I couldn’t find the source code in the mentioned SVN repository(http://code.google.com/p/redfire/downloads/detail?name=red5.war&can=2&q=). Is there any other location from where I can download it.