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Fastpath Vs iPhone?


I am in need of a way to have an incoming chat request to speak to the iPhone via Fastpath. I know that Fastpath is flash based and the iPhone isnt but I need to know if someone out there has found a way. Either by an already made app, self made app or plug in. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. We are 3 people on a helpdesk type chat forum but I am mobile allot and need to have some way of getting the chats request to ping the iPhone. Thank you.

Why do you say Fastpath is flash based? Sparkweb is flash, but not related. The issue with iPhone and servicing requests is it requires Spark and the JRE. See also http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1876

I don’t think there is a client for Fastpath and the iPhone yet, but one could be made by modifying an existing Jabber IM Client to support Fastpath XMPP extension communication. Spark does this and is open source, if you are up for that effort.