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FastPath webchat Form variables

I’ve looked around, but have been unable to find some docs or examples of using Form variables with the FastPath webchat.

What I’d like to do is take some variables from another page (which is actually ASP), and pass them automatically (hidden) into the form for the chat signup, so the support person is able to see them. To be specific, the username and their computername (which I can get with reverse DNS and REMOTE_HOST and LOGON_USER). If this works, then the username and email are existing fields in the form which don’t need to be visible anymore.

I’ve poked around a little with the fastpath admin console on the server for form fields, but I can’t seem to produce any results like what I’m wishing for.

Anybody have any suggestions? I’m open to input. Am I missing something I need to alter with the de-facto snippit that must be inserted on the page that includes the workgroup’s link?

As I see it ,the way fastpath webchat done is not 100 percent configurable. You can achive the same by editing the code and compiling it as a plugin using the build xml . You can pass your values to jivelive.jsp as parameters, and pass the same to userinfo.jsp.