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Fastpath webchat translation


At the moment I’m trying to translate a web chat servlet.

Part of the text was translated via the Openfire control panel (Fastpath>${workgroup}>Text), and the other part directly in the webchat.war .jsp’s.

But one thing I didn’t find in the source code is the phrase “${agent} has left the conversation.”

I tried to:

grep -Rli “has left the conversation” /usr/src/openfire

grep -Rli “has left the conversation” /usr/src/fastpath_webchat

and even /usr/src/spark

but to no avail.

Are there any suggestions about from where may come the message?

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up just once

The translation you do in the direct management interface Openfire. Menu “Fastpath”, click your workgroup menu “Text”. I’m trying to translate a portion of text and still can not. Look at the screenshot below.