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Fastpath workgroups


I’m seeing the error message “No workgroups configured. Please configure a workgroup within Fastpath.” on the main webchat page, even though I have workgroups configured within openfire.


This problem is almost always a symptom of network issues of some kind. The webchat page is actually a separate application, and if it is not able to communicate with the openfire server, it won’t be able to find any workgroups.


The following solutions will fix this problem in the majority of cases

A) Reboot the openfire server.

Sometimes (especially in a newly set up server) some settings can be out of synch, and the webchat application won’t be able to find the openfire server. Rebooting the server can resynch everything.

B) Make sure that the url at which you’re viewing the webchat page (http://server/webchat/) has the same name as the server that openfire is hosted on.

Sometimes, if the url specifies an IP address or some name other than the server name, webchat is unable to connect to the server. Changing the URL can fix the issue.

C) Create a custom html page with the workgroup links on it (this is actually recommended for a production environment in all cases)

In the fastpath tab in the admin console, after clicking on the name of the workgroup in question, under Workgroup Settings > Text, at the top of the page there will be an HTML code snippet for including a link for this workgroup into an html page. This html snippet will require specifying the location of a jsp file (jivelive.jsp – which is located on the openfire server at http://server/webchat/jivelive.jsp.) Hardcoding this value into the html file with the absolute location of the jsp on the server can clear up any ambiguity on the part of the webchat application, and tell it exactly where to look to find the server.

D) Firewalls or network connectivity issues.

If all of the above solutions fail to solve the problem, there is likely a network problem between the webchat application and the opnefire server (or the client and the webchat application.) Verify that there are no firewalls or network connectivity or latency problems in the communication chain from the client to webchat to openfire.


as of 3.4.2 an error message has been added to the webchat page to indicate that webchat cannot connect to the server.

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