Fastpath: 'Your chat session has been ended' after 15S with no exceptions

Hi, once I’ve removed my userid thats part of a Fastpath workgroup, I can initiate and pickup fastpath webchat’s. Thats great. But there is a problem, the sessions only seem to last a short time, around 15S from commencement at any time in the ~20S ‘pick-up’ time. After 15S, the web client gets a message ‘Your chat session has been ended’, but nobody initated a closure…

Anyone see this?

I’m experiencing the same issue. Did you find an answer?

No the problem still persists, but I havent checked the latest 3.52.

I happened to see Fastpath authentication. which ironically describes the same issue over a year ago ( ENT-169 - but I have no idea where Ignites Jira server is!), perhaps this is the same problem?

I founc very strange things going on when I used my own (admin) ID. IIRC some of those problems go away if you dont use an admin id. Cant recall more.

will try the 3.5.2 when I get a chance, or if someone confirms its up and dandy!

Magically my fastpath started acting normal after a few hours.

Now my problem is I cant add groups to the agent list with out it crashing fastpath.

This still isn’t fixed, any word on this issue?

wdroush wrote:

This still isn’t fixed, any word on this issue?

This would probably never be fixed as there is no developer working on Fastpath.

Ok, in that case I’ve downloaded it from the SVN and am looking into the issue, we kind of really want this feature working correctly.

Anyone figure this out? Or have any recomendations on things to try?

Is this happening on Openfire 3.7.0 and Spark 2.6.0 for you?

I don’t have much experience with FP, but in my tests haven’t seen this kind of issue with the aforementioned versions of the software.

Those are the versions I’m using for both OpenFire and Spark. I’m not sure if the problem lies with Spark, FastPath or OpenFire.

I no longer work for the same company anymore, so the java patch didn’t get really far.

However the new company I’m working with is looking to change their phone system from Zultys to Elastix (possibly), so if they do LDAP integration they’ll want this feature.

I’d look into it myself, but I don’t have a test environment to even set up OpenFire and LDAP right now. Don’t know how long it will be till I will…

I also haven’t even tested to see if this problem exists in the latest build, I was hoping it would be fixed by now.

Dear Mr.Wdroush/ Ignite Forum,

I Appreciate your support for the forum and for all the efforts that you have put.

I understand that Mr. Wdroush is no longer working for the company. Hence i request the forum, if anyone has a clue to resolve the below mentioned problem. I would be highly thankful to you all. Please show some path to resolve this problem.

I have installed with fastpath(4.2) on openfire 3.7.1. Fastpath is working fine with Anonymous user login but, when i checked the “Web Authentication” under the “Settings” tab of “Workgroup Settings” in FASTPATH. The client session is automatically getting ended, displaying the message “Your Chat Session hab been ended by Agent”. Where the Agent, actually never ended the same(Session).

Mr. wdroush,

I would be higly obliged, if you could have a look at this problem and show a way to us.