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Favicons not loading

On my server sessions screen the favicons are all showing the defauls. (I think this used to work, but probably before favicons were cached locally).

It seems that this is related to the mimetype of the favicon. If the favicon is a gif or png it works fine, but if it’‘s an valid icon file, then Wildfire doesn’'t show it.

Hey Norman,

Wildfire is not caching the images per se but only the list of servers that do not support “favicons” and for the servers that don’'t have a favicon (i.e. there was an error retrieving it) then a default icon is shown instead. There is no checking about the image types. Images may come in any format.

You can try pointing your browser to http://[host]/favicon.ico and see what you get. If the returned http error code is < 400 then the body of the http result will be used. Otherwise the default icon will be shown. Let me know the error code that you are returning. May be you are being redirected? If the servers you are testing with are public I can help testing from here too.


– Gato

Okay, seems that some icons are back. It was probably caching the bad firewall connections or something. Looking at the code it takes 6 hours for the cache to expire - yegh, that’'s long.

Is http://jabber.org/favicon.ico supposed to follow the redirect, and show the correct icon?

Argh, now the gmail icon was gone again. I restarted the server, and both the gmail and jabber.org icons are back.

Can you perhaps make it force reload the icon if the ‘‘Cache-Control: max-age=0’’ header is present in the http request? (i.e. bypass the missesCache check)

Actually if would be useful if you could allow the browser to cache positive requests too. It means storing the ‘‘Last-Modified’’ response header, and returning a ‘‘304 not modified’’ if the ‘‘If-Modified-Since’’ request header’'s value is before or equal to the last modified value.

Currently the things are done if the network is a little dodgy, then it’'s easy to loose an icon for a connection for 6 hours, or until you restart the server. Also ‘‘valid’’ icons are re-retrieved everytime the page is loaded.